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I’m going to be teaching my first secondary-level writing classes next week. I expect it to eat a huge amount of my time. I will probably be posting a lot less frequently over the next three months or so. I have no plans to abandon this blog, but my post frequency will decrease substantially. Apologies in advance.

Quick Early Thoughts on Tales of Xillia 2

They managed to improve the best battle system in the Tales series. I don’t know how good everything else will be, but even if the story is awful, the battles make the game worth playing.


I see a post SUPPORTING ROBERT MUGABE with over 10,000 notes, but a 17,000 strong anti-semitic hate march through the streets of Paris can’t get 1,000. It takes two clicks to reblog something. Two. How hard is it to click your mouse twice for solidarity? Do you have any idea how isolated we feel right now? Do you have the slightest?

a 17,000 strong antisemitic hate march in paris 

I came upon your blog and was looking through it. I read your tag. I think you have a misconception as to what I was referring. The march I brought up had absolutely nothing to do with Palestine.

Israel launches fresh air strikes in Gaza in response to rocket fire

Just make it stop.

Honestly, I’m torn about whether to delete that post now that the OP has called it out as the anti-semitic fallacy it is or whether to leave it up for educational purposes. 

Yeah. That last post cost me about 10,000 points in humanity. I’m out of here for a while.







that looks like Shmuley Boteach, which would make this a troll account

thank god

though given this was sourced from red philistine i sould have figured that out


OMG. He actually thought this was real?

Whether or not it’s real, it is still insensitive, offensive, and trying to discredit the solidarity Palestinians have exhibited for the victims/protestors in Ferguson.

You’re missing the point of why this is a problem. It’s trying to make Jews look like they are equating Hamas with the Ferguson protestors using Israel as a proxy. Yes, it is wrong, but it’s wrong in a pernicious way that is trying to stoke Black-Jewish tensions (which is doubly cruel to Black Jews). It is exploiting the solidarity of Palestinians and the Ferguson protestors to spread hatred of Jews.  This is contemptible far beyond the surface levels. Forgeries are a common anti-semitic tactic. See The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

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Who wore it better?
This will never stop being funny until mainstream media stops making bikini armor a standard.
- wincenworks


Who wore it better?

This will never stop being funny until mainstream media stops making bikini armor a standard.

- wincenworks

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I don’t think I can logically or morally condone total pacifism, but I do think I’ve reached a point in my life where I wish all the violence in the world were confined to fiction.

Interestingly, the best conversations I’ve had about pacifism have been while RPing. I have a friend (who knows who she is) who’s helped me examine morals, ethics and where I stand on several topics while maintaining great character.

(in other news, hi, I thought about you today.)

Over time I’ve come to believe that the world is too specific to hold onto ideologies as anything more than guiding principles. By all mean, let’s TRY to be non-violent, but there are times when violence is justified. Basically, all ideals have their limitations because they are invented by people and people simply CAN’T predict all possible circumstances. The idea of minimal harm should be a goal, not a straightjacket. As angry as I am about how slow the US was to fight the Nazis, had the US NOT fought, it would have been worse. This is not to say that the USA was the pure heroic knight of WWII. That’s ludicrous when you look at acts like Japanese internment and the firebombing of Dresden. But it’s still better that the US fought than not have fought. A Europe until Nazi control is too horrifying to fathom. 

Then there is the opposite side of the coin where people wax romantic about violent revolution when things usually turn out more like Les Miserables than Star Wars. You get your Reigns of Terror, your Killing Fields, your Civil Wars fueled by western diamond dollars. 

So I don’t know. I try to take every conflict as its own individual case with its own individual solutions. I’m past the point where I think there is some grand unified theory of economics, politics and social structure that will somehow create a perfect society. We try to create mechanisms that allow the government to re-organize itself (IE democracy w/term limits). We accept the world we’re given and we do what we can to contain the horrors that emerge with a minimum of suffering for those who get caught in the crossfire. 

I firmly believe that most people want to go about their lives with a minimum of struggle and with the maximum opportunity to feel safe and happy. It’s the inability to recognize that across various social divides that creates an enormous amount of conflict. That’s not to say that there are never conflicts where there aren’t clear rights and clear wrongs. Rather, it’s to understand that dehumanization of a perceived “other” is the fastest way to set unnecessary conflict into motion. If we lived in a world where everyone respected everyone else’s basic needs and dignity as human beings, then it would be a much better place. But again, that’s a guiding principle. Sometimes, as much as I hate it, you’ve just gotta fight.

Conflict's Chime


Conflict’s Chime | Bravely Default.

Still have RPG battle themes on the brain. Might as well go with one by REVO who composed the Attack on Titan theme songs, which also get stuck in my head. Thanks, REVO.