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The "New" Nintendo 3DS


Kyle Russell:

While it’s nice to see a Nintendo release a faster version of its popular console with better controls, I can’t help be confused by how Nintendo chose to announce it. The New Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible with older 3DS games, but it will also have its own exclusive titles. Is it supposed to be its own, new device, or not? If it is, I worry that Nintendo is shooting itself in the foot by not coming out with a bigger bang and a new name. This new device is an even smaller incremental jump than from the Wii to the Wii U, and anecdotally, most people I’ve asked over the last few years didn’t realize that those are two different systems.

Everything is just fine at Nintendo. Pay no attention to the weird repackaged half-product releases.

This makes no sense to me. Either make a next-gen handheld or don’t. I’m REALLY pissed about that Xenoblade Chronicles port. I mean, I have the Wii version, so I don’t NEED another version of Xenoblade, but will this new version see a lot of exclusive releases or not? I’m confused.